Since establishment in 2017 TARNI EILEEN has continued to support our local economy and small local businesses which include working alongside our pattern maker located in Redfern, our manufacturers located in Chippendale and other local suppliers around Australia.

In light of the Australian Bushfires that devastated Australians in January 2020 we donated funds to the NSW Rural Fire Service. We also raised funds during the month of April 2020 that were donated to Meals On Wheels charity when the COVID19 pandemic hit Australian shores to support the most vulnerable in our community. 


TARNI EILEEN is proudly part of the slow fashion movement and encourages our customers to adopt a new mentality of ‘buy well, buy once’ when shopping. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our wearers and aligning our values with theirs. Inspired to create modern, minimalistic pieces that do not follow trends but will remain relevant. With the release of only two continuous collections a year curated of 10 pieces that will build wardrobes to transcend seasons and last a lifetime. You can shop with no regret and be confident that your TARNI EILEEN pieces will wear well with future collections.


With a focus on responsibly sourced materials and mindful processes, every garment is made from natural fibres and manufactured in limited quantities. This is to ensure we play our part in limiting the persistent expenditure that is the fashion industry and minimise waste. Each garment is crafted without compromising on quality to ensure longevity of every TARNI EILEEN piece.


TARNI EILEEN uses recycled tissue paper and water activated paper tape for wrapping orders. Paper packing tape is biodegradable, recyclable and produced using vegetable based adhesive and sustainable paper rather than petroleum based plastic. Your wrapped order is then delivered in one of Grounded's 100% recycled mailers. Our mailers are made from a combination of post-consumer & post-industrial recycled LDPE they're also fully recyclable themselves. The double adhesive strip makes them reusable for return items. Please reuse and repurpose our packaging where possible and then discard responsibly.